Tuesday, 19 June 2007

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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Submit your website

hello World!

I am making a website about 70sDesign.
This website is meant for webdesigners that want to create a website or blog in a Seventies, Sixties or Retro style.
This blog is made to give people the opportunity to propose websites or blogs that offer some kind of information or resource connected with webdesign in a Seventies, Sixties or Retro style.

If you want to propose a website or blog about this, please leave a comment here, with a working URL link in it, and I will check out the page. If it offers something nice, I will add it to the 70sDesign website. You can add a website you found somewhere on the net, or, of course, your own page.
On this blog, all (evn if only slightly relevant) proposed websites or blogs will be rewarded with an active backlink in new posts, so be sure to putt them in the comments!

Good luck,